London Olympics 2012

well where ever you go every one is talking about the London Olympics 2012.

well I have got some really useful info about the london olympics if you are a summer olympics and sports fan. The thing is that if you want to enjoy all the action live of london olympics 2012 you can go to the Youtube Official page and then choose the match you wanna watch and thats it! you can have highlights as well as all the live matches going on at that time as well. the link to their official youtube channel is given below:

this is the link to the official website of london olympics 2012 you can have all the schedules and results and all other textual info here:

Now there is another thing that i wanna share with all you people! and that is, London Olympics has officially launched a game for PS3, XBOX360 and PC, which is quite an amazing game!if you wanna check it go to this link! and you can have all the details over here!

so if you are a gaming freak here is a brilliant olympics game for you which contains all the games from the olympics! Almost!

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RSS Feed

The Best way to publish a rss feed is the tool of google which is called Feedburner. It can help you make your rss feed and it automatically updates it from the data of your website or blog!
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Free Download of Best Media Player of All Time!

In my opinion the best media player is the one which can play all audio and video formats in it!

let me cut the story short are you looking for a media player that plays all the formats of audio and all the formats of video then you are looking for VLC media player.

one thing you have to do is that when you are installing it and it asks that you want to install custom VLC media player just change it to full by the drop down menu.

here is the free download link for vlc media player!


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How to Make money online? How to use internet for your benefit?

well there are hell lot of thing you can do via internet and one of em is making money. Like me there are there are 1000’s of internet users which spend their whole day watching you tube videos, playing games and interacting on social networks with their friends and also people who they don’t even know. have you ever thought about earning money online! if yes then have you taken even a single step towards it! well in my case the answer of above question is No! because i have thought about it but i have never taken a positive step towards it just due to the risk factor that i am going to spend Money in it and IF my money got ruined what will i do. this “IF” has destroyed all my plans about earning money online.

How to make money online? what to do?

well I have got an idea for all of you who are reading. that everyone has an interest you just gotta figure out that interest and then make a website about it! and start publishing your interesting posts and run the website and advertise it for free on different social media websites. there is money involved but in the start you have the option to spend less money in your website and then if you get successful then put more money in and get more money out of your website.

Steps of Making a website:

  • First of all, think of a topic on which you can publish a lot of material or think of your most favorite interest.
  • Register a domain name for your website on any good domain selling website. The domain name must be similar to the content of your website.
  • Register a web hosting account with any good web hosting company which have got low rates.
  • Make the website and upload it to the internet.
  • Advertise your website constantly onto the social networking websites for free.
  • Constantly update the content of your website.
  • When you have got penalty of users visiting your website then register it with any ad giving company just like Google Adsense and start earning money.

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some useful windows keyboard shortcuts

ctrl + c to copy any file or text

ctrl + x to cut any file or text

ctrl + v to paste the copied file or text

ctrl + z to undo any action in windows

delete button to delete anything

shift + delete to completely delete a file from the system forever without going to recycle bin

F2 to rename any file or folder

f5 to refresh the current windows

ctrl + a to select all in the current windows explorer

actually you can have access to these shortcuts and many others if you follow the instructions as follows:

go to start menu and click help and support

a new window will appear, there is a search bar in the top left corner in that new window which will appear

type the following words in that search bar -> keyboard shortcuts

few results will appear on the left side of that window

you will click the following -> windows keyboard shortcuts overview

then on the right side you will see five categories, you can click any one of them and see all the shortcuts which fall in that category, these five categories will be as follows:

General, Dialog Box, Natural, Accessibility and Windows Explorer

You can open all of them and you will have all the shortcuts and their actions respectively.

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How to download videos from youtube

There are many methods of downloading youtube vidoes. Some very easy and some very difficult. I am going to discuss 2 methods infront of you people here!
First method is method of IDM that is Internet Download Manager. download it , install it.
then go to its gui that is open idm. and go to downloads abd then click options from the drop down menu. click file types tab from the new window which appears. then the first line will be written as “automatically start downloading the followinf file types” you just have to do a small thing that there will be written many file formats, you have to add one word after Continue reading

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best images,photos and picture editing software – adding effects to the images

you must have seen many picture editing softwares and heard about many of them. but picture editing is very difficult job. really editing a photo or an image or adding effects to it is not a child’s job.

but there is a really easy to use software for image, picture and photo editing, which can crop it, edit it, re size it, and add excellent effects to it according to your choice very easily. and the software name is Continue reading

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